Monday, April 11, 2011

Sensitive Ears? Can't Wear Most Earrings? Protect them with L' Protect and Stop the Irritation!

What is L'Protect? According to Earrs, a jewelry company that owns this must-have product for people with sensitive skin, L'Protect is:

A clear protective coating for jewelry. Provides protective shield between metal and skin. Can be applied to all metal surfaces that may come in contact with your skin like earrings, rings, clasps, snaps on jeans, etc. Dries crystal clear and can be reapplied as needed.

L' Protect really works.  My skin is very sensitive to metals, and most inexpensive earrings (even real gold and silver earrings sometimes) will aggravate my ears and make them itch and ooze.  A coating of L'Protect around the base of the earrings creates a barrier between your skin and the metal of the earrings, which helps prevent the metal-caused irritation from occuring. L'Protect allows me to wear inexpensive earrings from vendors like Target and Forever 21 all day without irritation.  It is truly an amazing product!

When using L'Protect, make sure that it is applied at least 30 minutes prior to inserting earrings in to your ears so that it has time to set. L'Protect can be re-applied as needed, and also used on many other types of metal jewelry and clothing fixtures that have contact with your skin.

Bottom Line- Every girl who has metal reactions to jewelry should have a bottle of L'Protect in their jewelry bag. At $5, this stuff is an absolute steal, and a must have for every metal-sensitive girly-girl.

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  1. I'm gonna have to get this for my sister! Thanks for the info!

  2. Thanks, Callie! Let me know how she likes it!!!

  3. Hi there - I use to suffer from sensitive ears too. It was nearly impossible to find cute and affordable earrings that I could wear, so I started a new earring company. Although anyone can wear them, it's specifically for girls with sensitive ears. Check it out at!

  4. Thanks, Meredith! Your earrings are adorable! I may have to do a post on them :) Thanks for forwarding!!!