Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I Heart Jennifer Flavin-Stallone and Serious Skin Care

I heart Jennifer Flavin Stallone. She is beautiful, smart, has her own skincare company, and is married to Sylvester Stallone. Ok, maybe I don't heart the last part.

I first got hooked on Jennifer's Serious Skin Care line when I first caught it on HSN three years ago. I don't know about you, but I can watch HSN for hours, especially when Jennifer is on, or Wei from Wei East (another great skin care company. All Wei's products are made from natural ingredients from her native China) both ladies care about skincare and know what they are talking about. I don't want to hear "Buy this and your skin will look great!" I want to know why and how the products work and what is in the products that make them work. Jennifer knows her stuff.  She isn't just the 'pretty face behind the brand'.  If she comes on HSN, make sure to watch her. You will learn a lot and *warning* will probably buy something. Check for product times.

Now, before I get started, let me tell you that Serious Skin Care is about results and not scent and appearence, so there are some products in the line that do not smell very good or have the greatest texture. If this means a lot to you, you won't like Serious Skin Care. I have to admit, I can't stand the much-touted Super Creamerum that is raved about by customers for changing the appearence and texture of the skin. Super Creamerum has anti-oxidents, peptides and Glycolic Acid in it, which are great for protecting the skin, healing past damage and evening out sun spots and skin tone.  Unfortunately, Super Creamerum smells awful and has a sticky texture to it that leaves the face sticky and does not moisturize the skin when applied. I was so excited to recieve Super Creamerum in the mail, but once I applied it, the texture and the smell just didn't appeal to me enough to use the recommended 3-4 times per week.  For the most part, this product remains un-used in my make up bag unless I force myself to use it. (See update in Red below)

On the flip side, I absolutely love the No.8 Serum. Although some reviews have customers saying it does not smell great, I disagree and think the smell is fine. The texture is soft and makes your skin feel like velvet. No.8 also works great as a serum and a primer in one for those who don't want to use a primer separately. Plus, it has antioxidents to fight free radicals as well as peptides to plump the skin and diminish the look of fine lines. I use No.8 every day and plan to keep it in my beauty regime (which I admit, I am very fickle about). If you are interested in buying this product, I recommend that you search on Ebay. Smart people buy the beauty packages and specials available for Serious Skin Care on HSN and break apart the products that are included to sell them separately on Ebay. This means that you can buy Serious Skin Care products for as little as $5. If you are looking, keep your eye out for the squeeze bottle of No.8 as opposed to the pump, since the pump is known to sometimes be defective and a big deterrent for this popular product. Also, always make sure that the product you are buying is fresh and has not expired. If you don't know, ask the seller.

For those of you who are not familiar with serums, serums should be used prior to moisturizer and can even be layered. Serious Skin Care recommends that Super Creamerum be used on top of other serums, so if you choose to use both products, you would use No.8 first, and then follow it with a thin layer of Super Creamerum, followed by an additional moisturizer if you have dry or mature skin. Those with oily or combination skin may find that just one serum, or a serum and light moisturizer is enough to moisturize their skin effectively.

A great product that does smell good is the Super Mel-C line. This product contains Vitamin C, as well as Melon (a big part of Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty line) which has skin enhancing enzymes as well as vitamins and minerals to nourish the skin. I prefer this product to the Serious Skin Care C-No Wrinkle line. Every woman who has spent time in the sun needs at least one boost of Vitamin C in their beauty routine to help repair their sun damaged skin, so this is a great way to get it.

Finally, my final reccomendation is the Serious Skin Care Around the Clock Q10 line. It has a super rich and moisturizing morning serum, and a lavender smelling night serum.  I especially love the texture of the morning serum, and it works great with Super 8. For anyone who is not familiar with the benefits of Q10, Vitamin Q10 helps aging skin helps boost cell repair and fights free radicals. What exactly is a free-radical?  Free radicals damage the skin and are known to be one of the causes of wrinkles and loss of elasticity and radiance in the skin. They are found in anything that contains oxygen, such as; pollution, radiation, cigarette smoke, even acne releases free radicals. Basically, every day your skin is bombarded with free radicals. It is very important that you block free radicals in your skin whenever possible. For a more detailed explanation on free radicals see the article online from Articles Base, The Effect of Free Radicals.

To learn more about Jennifer Flavin-Stallone and Serious Skin Care, check out If you are looking to purchase any of the products I mentioned above, check out HSN, at, or ebay, Make sure if you purchase any skin care from Ebay that you always ask the seller if the products are new or expired. Never use expired products on your skin.

Important Update 7/11/2011- I have completely changed my mind about Super Creamerum (see link above). I have been using it throughout the Summer religiously, and I have noticed an amazing transformation in my skin! Even after I (gasp) experienced a sunburn, my skin stayed soft, supple and young looking. Love, love, love! I am going to buy this product forever (or as long as they make it). Yes, it doesn't smell great, and yes, the product is kind of gooey, but it is worth it.


  1. I just bought the super Mel c block buster kit where you get 8 oz of super Mel c. It smells rancid??? It doesn't have that melon scent as usual. First time I got something that I may have to toss out, It's past the thirty days so I can't return it and get another kit. I have never returned any of ssc products because they work for me and I use every last drop. I'm so mad!!!!! I can't believe it, However I love the resvertrol line better then super Mel c. The super creamerum did change my texture and Smoothed out little fine lines, It's 200 bucks for a 2 oz!!!! I can get Botox for about a 100 dollars more and not any work with super creamerum. So....I won't buy it from eBay but I got a surprisingly bad batch of super Mel c. I'm so mad!!! I have a huge 4 oz and I'm sure if I can use it, It stinks.

  2. They just put out a huge olive oil kit and hsn is like olive oil has been around for centuries and jennifers face is like huh???? Noooooo were cutting edge here use olive oil.....use my olive oil it's cutting edge!!!! But I do love the olive oil line and resveratrol, I will probably pass on super Mel c forever since I got better results with the power of grape instead of the rare melon extract, if it's even rare. I have not tried pure pep. But the glycolic cleanser changed my skin and I always have that on hand. Always!!!! The SPF 30 c cream is pretty potent I use tons of that. Anyway yeah ssc user for three years!!!